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LOS ANGELES, CA - Two inspired Southern California moms have designed vintage-inspired packaged parties.

Introducing Tin Parade, a new company that offers custom-designed, all-inclusive children’s parties in a box. The brainchild of event designer Ryan Larson and art director Kristen Gara, Tin Parade offers themed children’s birthday parties as well as baby and bridal showers. From the vintage-inspired linens to custom-made invitations and reproduction tin toys, each party set contains everything you need to throw a party that brings everyone back to a nostalgic past while making great memories today.

“I wanted to re-create the warmhearted, homemade, non-commercial feel of my own childhood birthday parties. Today it seems most parties are uninspired, completely disposable, commercialized and what I call ‘corporate art’. I wanted something different for my own child and knew other moms would as well,” said Ryan.

Ryan teamed up with Kristen Gara. “When I became a mom, I needed to be home and spend more time with my kids," Kristen said. "I left advertising after thirteen years as an Art Director, but I still wanted to do something creative. With Tin Parade, I get the best of both worlds. I'm creating memories for my family and hopefully other families too."

Tin Parade currently offers five party sets: a tea party, a train party, a baseball party, a circus party and a stylishly all white baby shower.

Each party comes in a tin ice tub and caters to parties for 8 or 16 people. Included are all the elements of a fabulous celebration including vintage-inspired linens, matching tin plateware, charming table decorations, classic party favors and custom-designed invitations and thank you cards.

For Ryan and Kristen, Tin Parade is more than just designing parties. It is also about creating memories, because each set is timeless and classic.

“I love that all of the elements are things you would keep…..the wooden signs will hang in your child’s room, the tin toys will enjoy many hours of playtime and the table linens and plates can be used over and over again. My son will have these things for years and I appreciate the fact that we aren’t adding more disposable products to our country’s landfills. Everyone wins,” said Ryan.

For more information about Tin Parade and the various party sets, visit

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